Super Absorbent Mats and Pads

SAP Cores Absorbent Cores & Caps

The MedDX SAP core is a highly protective component used when transporting fragile primary containers. The core has an SAP material laminated to the internal wall of the core ensuring any liquid is absorbed in the event of a catastrophic breakage.

Caps are available to seal the ends of the core.

The MedDX SAP cores can be used in conjunction with a MedDX FS95/C5 when shipping non 95kPa primaries.

Features & Benefits

  • Rigid heavy duty core delivers a high level of sample protection
  • SAP lined inner core absorbs entire content in the event of catastrophic damage
  • Caps available to seal the cores
  • Can be used in conjunction with leak-proof orFS95/C5 secondary pouches